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There is usually a phone screening, a culture-fit interview, and a technical interview. Some companies will also require one more onsite interview or whiteboarding session with your future team. Mock-interviews are the best way to prepare for this experience. If you have a friend or a classmate who is willing to do mock-interviews, take advantage of that!

There are no necessary certifications or expected years of experience for this position. Git is a distributed version control system that is standard in software and web development. Git allows multiple hire javascript programmer developers to work on the same project at once or a single developer to keep track of changes. Git is designed to optimize speed, data integrity, as well as distributed and non-linear workflows.

Stripe Payments Integration 101 for JavaScript Developers

Because of this, your company may have trouble hiring JavaScript developers with the right knowledge base. Add in curiosity, commitment to excellence, and a genuine concern for clients, and you’ll understand why Tom Helvick excels as Director of Operations at Intertech. Tom brings years of top-tier experience—and results—to his role leading our operational team. He makes sure every project is matched with the most appropriate Intertech talent, so your project team is the right team. Ideally, to speed up the process of becoming a senior engineer, you need a mentor to help you create a personal development plan and guide you along the way.

  • If you need an overhaul of your back-end, you might want to find a candidate that has a good understanding of back-end technologies such as Node.js and Vue.js.
  • Invested minimal amount of work to optimize performance from 10 seconds of JavaScript processing, down to 0.4 seconds.
  • This allows for real-time updates and a more interactive user experience.
  • You’ll likely find many JavaScript-specific freelance opportunities, some JavaScript-specific full-time job opportunities, or full-time Front End Developer positions, that mostly code in JavaScript.
  • The ideal candidate will have 6+ years of relevant production experience and a strong understanding of Node.js, React.js, and SQL.

Create a learning plan or PDP yourself, and start reading suggested learning material or googling the topics you might need to learn more about. Before moving to the next skill, remember to recheck the topics and ensure you understand everything from the current skill. Middle developers own substantial portions of the project and can handle smaller projects independently. They choose the optimal code design for every task and can accurately estimate small and mid-sized projects.

Web Components, WebAssembly, Vue, TypeScript, React, Angular, Polymer, Svelte, Cordova, Storybook, and others!

Node.js is a runtime environment based on Chrome’s JavaScript engine, which allows you to run JavaScript on the back-end of a website . Initially, JavaScript only ran in a web browser (the front-end of a website, also called client-side JavaScript). With the popularity of JavaScript, developers wanted to use it on the back-end, instead of learning another language such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.

javascript consultant

Those responsible for front-end development – such experts are in charge of the appearance of your website and/or application. Such experts create UI/UX design, add various functions to sites, are responsible for interface display on different devices, browsers, OS, and timely fix of some problems. People without a tech background sometimes mistake this technology for Java and JScript, but they are entirely different solutions. The second one is a scripting language of programming that Microsoft developed in 1996. JScript can also be used to create Active Server Pages or to administer Windows systems. Steve works for a small company with 5 employees that created software for local mini-markets.

Java Developer

This question will help you assess the candidate’s knowledge of the language and their problem-solving skills. They should be able to explain closures and give examples of how they have used them in their previous projects. While only sometimes necessary, a remote JavaScript developer with experience in back-end technologies like Node.js can be precious, especially for full-stack development. We conduct extensive technical assessments to test a candidate’s role-based knowledge and technical competence, ensuring that only the best JavaScript developers move forward. Our skilled JavaScript developers can create native or cross-platform mobile apps for Android or iOS devices using tools like Android Studio and Xcode. Maksym is an Angular developer who is keen on learning and implementing new technologies and taking apart new concepts.

Working as a javascript developer opens many doors since it’s the programming language of the web. It is another essential task before you start looking for really talented professionals. This programming language has been around for almost 30 years, so it has many paradigms, tools to extend syntax, and huge functionality.

How To Hire Javascript Developers – Remotely?

We provide that kind of mentorship to every developer at LeanyLabs. They often own mid-sized projects and manage small teams when needed, at least from a technical perspective. They have to be experts in every technology a middle developer knows. On top of it, they should be able to set up all kinds of projects from scratch and provide technical guidance for others. Tech leads do this in larger teams, but even those teams are composed of smaller ones where senior developers are usually in charge.

javascript consultant