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Cloud-Based Tracking Systems for RSAsVestigo provides cloud-based tracking systems for all forms of Returnable Shipping Assets (RSAs) such as totes, IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers), pallets, racks, containers, cages and dunnage.

In the past two years, prices of raw materials increased by 44.5% and 30% respectively. That trend is expected to continue. Those costs concerns are exacerbated by intense competition and pressure to keep prices down. Industries continue to pinch every penny of profit out of their operations forcing you to find innovative cost-recovery strategies.

63% of manufacturing executives agree that they will be forced to pass the higher costs onto their customers. Combined with the expected energy costs rising at least 20%, what is your company doing to ensure that you remain competitive, and you aren’t downsized?

What is Vestigo?

RTI Tracking SystemsVestigo is an integrated suite of online applications that provides real-time, cloud-based, individual and aggregate, tracking systems for your returnable shipping assets. Not only can you easily capture and record critical, time-sensitive data, but more importantly, allows you to examine analytical, on-demand reports to proactively make informed, timely decisions to streamline your supply chain.

You achieve end-to-end visibility of your RSAs. Your tracking system is custom tailored to fit your business model, and can include optional modules for inventory controls, automated electronic invoicing, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and ERP.

Problems with Antiquated Methods

Attempting to manually track reusable containers is often one of the weakest links in a manufacturer’s supply chain. As RSAs move between facilities, suppliers, and customers, the odds of them being misplaced, lost, stolen, repurposed, damaged, have their location updated incorrectly, or not have their location updated at all, increases exponentially.

All of these problems lead to further problems such as:

  • Disruptions in operations,
  • Increased labor,
  • An increase in inventory requirements, which leads to an elevated Internal Cost of Capital on the company’s balance sheet,
  • Demurrage charges,
  • Corrugated packaging penalties,
  • Enlarged expedite costs,
  • Order fulfillment shortages,
  • Excessive dwell or transit times.

A Shift in FocusContainer Tracking Logistics

Leading organizations are recognizing a shift in today’s supply chains from pushing products through sales, to a more pull strategy based on demand forecasts. This new emphasis requires supply chain flexibility like never before. It’s more than just speed…its accuracy.

How We Can Help You

Through improved supply chain visibility, strategic data collection methods, more accurate and efficient processes, and automated event management, you:

  • Regain complete control over your entire fleet of shipping assets,
  • Have the ability to closely manage your returnable assets without having to closely monitor them,
  • Can proactively assess where potential vulnerabilities lie.

Why Vestigo?

Other tracking systems require you to perform installs and updates, isolate the number of users to the number of licenses purchased, or require you to adapt to the rigid design of their application. With Vestigo, your tracking system:

  • Is custom tailored and modeled around your existing operations,
  • Pinpoints any inefficiencies and problematic areas of your supply chain, helping you make time sensitive and informative decisions,
  • Will help relieve the contentious, high-stress, argumentative phone calls that you have with customers and suppliers over returning your RSAs. Relationships with customers and suppliers will continue to be positive and mutually beneficial,
  • Automatically deliver notification and alert messages to specific personnel when RSA inventory levels exceed predetermined tolerance levels, prompting corrective action before costly errors occur,
  • Is fully scalable to exceed all of your growth demands,
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing in-house systems and processes,
  • Has a very user-friendly interface, making navigation quick and easy,

Container Tracking ReportsVestigo puts you in control of ALL of your shipping assets through automated reconciliation and advanced reporting capabilities through your tailor-made software solution.

Click Here to read what our clients have to say about us.

Still Have Questions? Speak With An Expert!

Call us for a free interactive strategy session with one of our industry experts. Not only will you get all of your questions answered, but they can provide you with a blueprint outline for deploying your tracking system, as well as quickly educate you on all of the new technology and hardware available. At the end of the call, you’ll be a smarter buyer and be able to make informed decisions and recommendations.

Promote your branded, web-enable tracking applications to your customers and suppliers!

Disclaimer: Contact us for a FREE consultation with a project manager to discuss how your company can achieve better control over your RSAs, or how to roll-out a tracking system. There are absolutely no commitments. Simply describe how you currently ship and receive, and we’ll provide our honest feedback. Allow us the opportunity that you can use to benchmark other suppliers against.

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